Rosemary Howe and Charley Barber

Rosemary and Charley met in December of 2009 and have barely spent time apart since then.  They now live together at Charley's magnificent property, Bannister Springs, Bannister (via Crookwell), New South Wales, Australia.


Bannister, unlike other areas of Australia, rarely experiences drought.  It has an average rainfall of 40 inches per year and some of the best red basalt soil in Australia.


Rosemary is from Kent, England.  Rosemary had an idyllic childhood growing up on a farm riding ponies and horses in Kent. Riding at three, going to gymkhanas at eight, show jumping at twelve; Rosemary has been an active involved rider all her life.


And she's not going to stop now.


Rosemary spent her professional career as a Public Servant for the Federal Government where she commenced working in the Office of Taxation in Adelaide and was later transferred to Canberra where she has worked in approximately 25 different portfolios, her favourite being in the agricultural area.  Rosemary raised two children who were educated in Canberra and now has three beautiful grandchildren.


Rosemary hunted, show jumped in England and migrated to Australia in 1970 intending to spend only two years here.


She has bred and worked saddlebreds for 20 years and is now concentrating on training the horses for sport disciplines including endurance riding.


“Bannister Springs” is the ideal farm for the maintenance of sport horses and growing out young stock. Rosemary has been responsible for the upgrading of the stock handling facilities at “Bannister Springs” to ensure the safest possible environment for horses and handlers.


Charley is from Rhode Island, USA and attended the University of Notre Dame where he wishes he paid more attention. Charley migrated to Australia in the 70s after commencing his teaching career in Southampton, New York. He spent his teaching career at Mulwaree High School in Goulburn retiring as the head of English, History and Drama.


Charley and his deceased wife, Julie, bred Arabian horses for 30 years as the owner of Peoria Arabians in Goulburn.  Charley's stallion, Abu Sayed, now resides with Phil Ryan and Phil Wild at Hideaway Farm, Sunshine, Tasmania.  Julie was a top flight dressage rider.  Sadly, Julie died in 2004 of a malignant brain tumour.


Charley doesn't ride but he is an excellent horse handler and his building of yards is brilliant.  Unlike Rosemary, Charley has an excellent knowledge of dressage and has, from time to time, judged breed and riding classes at local shows.  Charley has shown his Arabian horses in hand and has won many championships. 


About the horses and our management...

The American Saddlebred is a versatile athlete excelling at dressage, endurance, carriage driving, jumping and pleasure riding.

We are proud of our American Saddlebred Horses and our management of them, which are station-bred on undulating country.


Pregnant and breeding mares are fed a controlled daily diet of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, dolomite, oil, apple cider vinegar and garlic. Mitavite products and selected quality grains are fed when needed.


The management plan of our performance horses is based on proper feeding. Performance horses are also fed supplements to ensure peak performance in our chosen field of endurance and the horses are kept in our paddocks comprised of an assortment of grasses including phalaris, rye and clover.


We do not wean our foals until they reach 6 months of age - we feel they are not psychologically or physically ready to leave their dams before this time. 


Our horses are strong and flexible in their action.  They have a wonderful temperament and enjoy being trained.  We only use gentle methods to train our horses.  They never experience harsh treatment whilst in our care.


Our American Saddlebred horses are DNA parent verified and registered with the appropriate American Saddlebred registries.


Come and meet all our beautiful horses.  If you are looking for an athletic equine friend who will carry you in comfort then please look at our American Saddlebred Horses.


Visitors are always welcome to our beautiful country property.